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General Information



AWS Digital Training

General Information

What is the GDPR?

GDPR stands for General Data Protection Regulation, a new European privacy law that is enforceable after May 25, 2018. It protects European Union members’ fundamental right to privacy and the protection of personal data. It introduces robust requirements that will raise and harmonize standards for data protection, security, and compliancy.

How is AWS Training and Certification complying with GDPR?

The AWS Training and Certification team is complying with GDPR by providing a way for European Union members to request deletion of personal data and by providing users with their personal data with a description of how it is used. We will also systematically notify if an account breach occurs.

How can I request for my personal information to be deleted?

If you would like to request for your personal data to be deleted, please submit a request for account deletion here. If you have any training on your transcript, have earned any certifications, or have earned any accreditations, all of these will be deleted with your personal data. After being deleted, the data cannot be recovered. This includes your achieved certifications which means that digital badges or transcripts will no longer be able to be validated. Prior to submitting a request, we recommend that you download all your transcripts, certifications, and accreditations. If you would like to delete your personal information from Qwiklabs, the 3rd party vendor who manages our self-paced labs platform, please submit a ticket with the Qwiklabs team here.

How can I download a copy of my personal information, my training history, or certification history?

To download a copy of your personal information and training history, go to the 'my account' tab and click on 'view all personal data.' For certification and exam history, login to your Certification Account and use the 'share my transcript' button to send yourself a copy of your transcript. If you need additional assistance, please submit a request with our customer service team here.

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How do I find and register for training?

To find training, click 'Find Training' in the top navigation menu, search for the training you are interested in using the search filters, and click 'Find a Class' or 'View Details' (depending on the type of offering) to view all of the offerings made available by both Amazon Web Services and our Authorized Training Partners.

How can I see which training I’m currently registered for?

To see the training(s) you’re currently registered for, you must be signed in to the AWS Training and Certification Portal. Once you are signed in, click 'My Transcript' in the top navigation menu and look for the classes under the 'Current' tab.

How do I get access to my previous training history?

To see your completed training, you must be signed in to the AWS Training and Certification Portal. Once you are signed in, click 'My Transcript' and then click the 'Archived' tab.

I completed my training, but the status did not change to complete in my transcript. How can I fix this?

If you completed a web-based training module, the status should update automatically to 'Completed' if you met the passing requirements. For instructor-led training, it may take up to three business days after the end of an instructor-led class for it to appear as 'Completed'. If your web-based training course has not updated or it has been more than three days since your instructor-led training course, please contact us and we will provide a resolution within two business days.

Does AWS offer any training that’s not listed in the Training and Certification Portal?

Yes! We also offer instructional videos and self-paced labs. You can also contact us to schedule a private onsite training.

What time do instructor-led courses start and finish?

Each class starts and finishes at a different time. Most instructor-led courses start at 9:00am and end at 5:00pm. Please plan to arrive at least 15 minutes prior to the start of the course to check-in on the first day. Specific start and end date/times you’re your classes are available in your transcript and in your registration confirmation email.

How do I provide training feedback?

You can only provide feedback on completed trainings. To provide feedback, click 'My Transcript', click the 'Archived' tab, find the completed training, and click 'Evaluate'.

How do I download my certificate of completion?

To download a certificate for completed training, click 'My Transcript', click the 'Archived' tab, find the completed training, and click 'Completion Certificate'. A new window will open displaying the certificate. Use Ctrl+P (Windows) or Command+P (Mac) to print the certificate.

What do I do if I'm on the waitlist for a class?

If you are waitlisted, you do not have a confirmed seat in the class. You will be notified once there is a seat available and prompted to register. Seats are available on a first-come, first-served basis. In the meantime, you can view the class schedule to see if there are other classes with seats available for registration.

Do I need to bring my own laptop to AWS Training?

Yes, you must bring your own laptop when you attend an AWS Training class. A tablet device by itself will not be sufficient, but may be a useful tool to bring with your laptop. You should have administrator privileges for your laptop. If you are using Windows, you will need to have Chrome or Firefox installed on your laptop. Please refer to your registration confirmation email for specific details about pre-work and instructions.

Do I need to complete anything before coming to class?

Yes, some classes have pre-work in order to access student guides, hands-on labs, and other course needs. Please refer to your registration confirmation email for specific details about pre-work and instructions.

Can I get a confirmation that my colleague has registered for training?

Each individual will receive a confirmation of their registration. We are unable to provide information to anyone other than the person who has registered for public training.

Can I register on behalf of another person or for a group of people?

Each individual must register for public training on their own behalf. We do not accept registration by proxy. If you are interested in scheduling a private on-site training, please contact us with your request.

Is my registration transferrable?

Registrations for an AWS Training class apply to the individual who registered. Registrations are non-transferable to another individual and/or a new class registration. If you cannot attend a course for which you registered, you will need to cancel your registration. Please do so at least five business days before the scheduled start date of the class to receive a refund.

How do I register for more than one class?

At this time, you can only register for one class at a time. Complete your registration for the first class you would like to take, and then begin your 'Find Training' search again to register for a second class.

How can I register for a private onsite training class?

Onsite training can help your team meet your business objectives sooner. We can work with you to develop a training strategy, and then bring an instructor directly to you to train your staff. Contact us to learn more.

Can I cancel my registration for AWS Training?

Yes. To cancel your registration, click 'My Transcript', find the class, and click 'Withdraw'. If you cancel or reschedule your registration for an AWS Training class at least five calendar days before the scheduled start date of the class, we will refund you for that class. If you cancel or reschedule your registration for an AWS Training class less than five calendar days before the scheduled start date of the class, the fees for that class will not be refunded. Read full cancellation policy here.

What methods of payment are accepted?

We accept payment by credit card only, in USD (US), GBP (UK), EUR (Germany), and JPY (Japan). A valid credit card must be provided at the time of registration. We accept American Express, MasterCard, and Visa.

How do I get a receipt for my purchased training?

You should have received a purchase invoice via email after your transaction went through. In addition, you can access all of your purchase invoices online. To access:
  1. Click 'My Orders' in the top navigation menu.
  2. Find the order that you wish to access the receipt for.
  3. Click the 'Actions' button next to the order.
  4. Click 'Request Purchase Invoice'.
If you withdrew from a training and received a refund, you can access your refund invoice by following the same steps above and clicking 'Request Refund Invoice'.

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Account Setup and Changes

I have more than one account. How can I merge my accounts into one?

To have your accounts merged, please contact us and provide us with:
  • Any and all email addresses you have used for AWS Training and Certification
  • The email address you’d like to keep as your login
Please note that accounts cannot be unmerged, and you cannot share accounts with others.

The name on my AWS Certification Account does not match my legal identification. How can I fix this?

In order to have your name changed in our system, we will require all of the following:
  • A copy of legal documentation of your name change
  • A scanned copy of a photo identification with proof of your original name
  • Another copy of a photo identification with proof of your new name

I can't see my certification history in “My Transcript.” Where are my certifications?

The “My Transcripts” page allows customers to view their training transcripts. It does not show their certification information. In order to view your certification account, please follow these steps:
  • Sign in to
  • Click “Certification” on the top menu bar
  • Click the “AWS Certification Account” button
  • On the top navigation bar, click “Achieved Certifications.” You should then be able to view all of your Certifications and certificates.

My certifications are not in my AWS Certification Account. What happened?

If you cannot locate your certifications, please check the following:
  • If you recently took your certification exam, please allow up to 5 business days for your certification results to appear in your account.
  • If you have not linked your Kryterion/Webassessor exam history and need assistance, please contact us
  • If you have created another account and need to move your certifications into your new account, contact us

How do I link my certification scorecard to my company’s AWS Partner Network account?

If your company is part of the AWS Partner Networ (APN), you should first log in to the AWS Training and Certification Portal using your APN Portal credentials. Once you are set up in the AWS Training and Certification Portal, you can contact the APN Portal team to add your certifications to your company's scorecard.

Benefits and Certification Verification

How do I obtain my AWS Certified logo and e-certificate?

Your AWS Certified logo and e-certificate will be available in your AWS Certification Account within 5 business days of passing your exam. You can download your logo and certificate by clicking the “Achieved Certifications” link.

How can I provide proof of my AWS Certifications?

There are several ways. You can access your e-Certificate in your AWS Certification Account via the “Achieved Certifications” tab, which provides you with a public validation link and personal code that you can forward to individuals who want proof of your AWS Certification. Second, you can forward a digital badge via the “Digital Badges” tab that includes a link to help validate the current status of your AWS Certification. Last, you can share your transcript via the “Share My Transcript” link where you can send an electronic version of your AWS Certification transcript via email.

How do I share my certification transcript?

You can send a transcript via email or social media outlets through the “Share My Transcript” option in your AWS Certification Account. Click “Create new transcript” and select the certification exam information you wish to share. Once this information is saved, you will see sharing options. To ensure only the information you wish to share is in your transcript, we recommend you view the transcript before sharing. After you share your transcript, individuals can click on the provided link to view your exam information.

How can someone validate my certificate?

Each transcript has a certificate verification link on it, and a certificate verification number. After you share your transcript, a person can access this link to view your transcript. The information displayed is based on your “Share My Transcript” setup options.

What are AWS Certification badges?

Digital badges are awarded when you pass an AWS Certification exam. These badges are available as long as your AWS Certification remains active. They may be downloaded from your AWS Certification Account by clicking the “Digital Badges” link. AWS Certification digital badges are compliant with the Open Badges standard. They can be shared on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, and can also be added to your email signature.

How do I share digital badges with my social networks?

Sign in to your AWS Certification Account and click on the “Digital Badges” link. On the Digital Badges page, you can view all badges you have been issued, including active and expired badges. By clicking on an active badge, you can see the verification information a third party will see when they view your badge. Once you click on an active badge, a “Share This Badge” option will appear.

Are Digital Badges required to access Appreciation Receptions and Certification Lounges?

Yes. Show your Digital Badge to gain exclusive access to regional Appreciation Receptions and Certification Lounges at AWS re:Invent and select AWS Summit events. You can find your badges in the “Digital Badges” section of your AWS Certification Account. Have your digital badges ready on your mobile device at AWS Certification events to prove your certification status and get immediate access to Certification Lounges, certified swag and more.

How do I share my certification information on LinkedIn?

Log into your AWS Certification Account and go to the “Achieved Certifications” link. Follow the instructions to “Add Certification to LinkedIn.” You will be prompted to sign in to your LinkedIn account. Once in LinkedIn, fill in the information about your AWS Certification from your PDF certificate (also found on the “Achieved Certifications” page). As a guide, you can enter the following details in the LinkedIn form:
  • Certification Authority: Amazon Web Services
  • License Number: Your validation number on the bottom right of your certificate
  • Certification URL: The certification validation link on your certificate

What is the AWS Certified Store?

The AWS Certified Store gives AWS Certified individuals the opportunity to purchase AWS Certified merchandise. Access to the AWS Certified Store requires successful completion of one or more AWS Certifications. Once certified, a link will be available under the “Benefits” tab in your AWS Certification Account.

Scheduled Exam

What should I bring to an AWS Certification exam?

You must show two forms of personal identification (ID) at the testing center. The primary form of ID must be a valid, original, hard copy (not electronic), government-issued ID containing both a photo and signature. The secondary form of ID needs to be valid and contain a signature. Acceptable forms of primary ID (name, photograph, signature, valid/current) include:
  • Government-issued Driver’s License
  • U.S. Department of State Driver’s License
  • National/State/Country Identification Card
  • Passport
  • Passport cards
  • Military ID
  • Alien registration card (Green Card or Permanent Resident Visa)
  • Note: Irish natives may use a Public Services Card as a primary form of identification in Ireland only.
    Acceptable forms of secondary ID (name, signature, valid/current) include:
  • Debit (ATM) card
  • Credit card
  • School ID
  • Any form of ID on the primary list
  • Note: In Japan, the blue colored (not pink) Health Insurance Card is an acceptable form of secondary identification. However, the paper form of the Health Insurance Card is not acceptable.)

  • You can not bring food, laptops, backpacks, notepads, or other personal equipment to the test area. For all exams, you can request a whiteboard and marker (some centers may hand out paper and pencil), which must be returned before you leave. During check in, you’ll be asked to turn out your pockets (on jackets, pants, etc.) to verify they’re empty and free of prohibited items. Eyewear will also be inspected to ensure that it’s not technology-enabled.

    I missed my exam. Can I reschedule?

    AWS will assist you in rescheduling, if you missed your exam due to a family emergency or personal health emergency on the day of your exam. You may be required to provide applicable documentation (ex: doctor’s note). If you missed an exam for any other reason outside the window for rescheduling without penalty, you schedule a new exam time following the standard process.

    Exam Scoring and Content

    Can I get a detailed report of my exam answers?

    In order to maintain the integrity of the exam, exam content is not available for review. Some high-level feedback is provided to help you understand how you scored in various sections of the exam. If you have comments or concerns about an exam question, please contact us. Candidates can also make comments on any exam question during their exams. The Subject Matter Expert (SME) committee will review all comments, concerns, and suggestions made by candidates. (Please note: AWS will not respond to questions related to specific exam content.)

    Why does it take up to 90 days (13 weeks) to get beta exam results?

    It takes time to calibrate exam results after the beta period concludes. AWS uses this time to ensure that the exam content meets our quality standards before the exam goes live. The timeline depends on the success of the beta exam.

    What is scaled scoring?

    Scaled scores are a mathematical conversion of the number of items that a candidate correctly answers so that there is a consistent scale used across all forms of an exam. A relevant example is the process of converting pounds to kilograms. The weight of the object has not changed, only the units being reported. Another common example is the conversion of Fahrenheit to Celsius degrees.

    What is an indeterminate score?

    AWS regularly monitors the performance of all exams to ensure the validity of exam results. During the monitoring of exam performance, AWS may classify scores as indeterminate when there are discrepancies for which there is no reasonable explanation. A classification of indeterminate can stem from a number of factors. In an effort to ensure valid certifications, AWS will allow candidates whose results are indeterminate the option of retaking the exam at no cost. Scores classified as indeterminate will not be considered valid and will not be eligible for certification. If it is determined that a breach of the Candidate Conduct Policy has contributed to the classification of indeterminate, AWS will also take additional action as laid out in the Candidate Agreement. AWS reserves the right to ask you to re-test if there is any suspicion of fraudulent or aberrant exam scores. Retesting will take place at a facility of our choosing at a mutually agreeable time.


    How can I pay for my exam?

    Our test delivery vendors accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and JCB cards for payment.

    Are taxes included in my exam fee?

    For countries that have implemented a Value Added Tax (VAT), customers will be charged the applicable rate as determined by their country.

    How can I generate a receipt?

    To generate a receipt, sign into your AWS Certification Account and access the test delivery vendor page you scheduled with by using the Manage Exam buttons on the right.
    If you selected Manage PSI Exams, click View Details beside the scheduled exam to find the Print Receipt button. For previously completed exams, scroll to the bottom of the page, click View Details beside the scheduled exam to find the Print Receipt button.
    If you selected Manage Pearson VUE Exams, click the My Receipts link in the My Account table.

    Can I get an exam discount?

    AWS does not provide general discounts or free certification exams. Certificate holders are eligible for a discount off their next or recertification exam as a benefit. See certified benefits here.

    How can I purchase exams in bulk?

    AWS Certification exam vouchers can be purchased online anytime here.

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    AWS Digital Training

    What is included in the free AWS digital training?

    By enrolling in the free AWS digital training, you will get unlimited access to more than 100 new digital courses built by AWS experts, totaling more than 40 hours of training content. Digital courses are generally 10 minutes long and are designed to help you build foundational knowledge for more than 70+ AWS services and solutions. Also included is AWS Cloud Practitioner Essentials which helps you prepare for the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner exam. You will also have access to previews of more advanced training on Machine Learning and Storage.

    How do I access free AWS digital training?

    To enroll in AWS Digital Training, first sign into your account. Next, click on 'enroll now' from the home page. You will be routed to the digital training enrollment page. From this page, confirm your enrollment by clicking on 'enroll now'. You will then be routed to the 'My Orders'tab where you will see your enrollment confirmation. You can also enroll after you discover a course in 'Find Training'. On the right hand-side of course description, click on 'enrollment required' to be directed to the digital training enrollment page. After you enroll in AWS digital training the first time, you will be able to register for and take any digital training course.

    Do I need to allow pop-up blockers to take digital training?

    Yes. You will need to allow pop-up blockers for and to view digital content. To allow pop-up blockers, follow the instructions per web browser below: If you are using an IOS mobile device, please follow the instructions below to view digital training:
    1. Launch 'Settings'
    2. Tap 'Safari'
    3. Under the General section, click the toggle next to 'Block Pop-ups'. If the toggle is green, that indicates that the pop-ups are enabled.
    4. Click on the toggle to disable the pop-blocker. The toggle should no longer be green.
    If you followed the instructions above and are still encountering issues, click here to contact the AWS Training & Certification support.

    What are the technical requirements to access free AWS digital training?

    You will need allow pop-up blockers (and in browsers that require specific site locations like Chrome, the following are required: and to view digital content. In addition, please ensure that you have the latest version of Flash.

    Am I enrolling in a subscription?

    No. By enrolling in AWS digital training, you are enrolling to into free and unlimited access to foundational digital training AWS services and categories.

    In what languages are the digital training courses offered?

    The AWS digital training courses are currently offered in English.

    What is the difference between digital and classroom training?

    Digital training enables you to take training on-demand and learn at your own pace. Digital training provides focused, bite-sized 10 minute courses that can be taken individually or in a sequence. Courses generally take 10 minutes to complete, while some like AWS Cloud Practitioner Essentials may take a few hours. Classroom training provides one to three days of intensive training, and gives you the opportunity to ask questions and learn best practices from a live instructor. Classes include a mix of presentation and hands-on lab exercises to reinforce learning.

    Are you planning to add more digital training courses?

    We are continuing to build new content and courses to help our customers and partners learn about AWS and build skills.

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